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We have worked with many counselors, psychologists & psychiatrists in the past, with no success. Mike is different. As a result of his own personal experiences, he has the unique ability to connect with others in a credible and compassionate way, meeting them right where they are. Through God’s divine intervention, Mike has been able to reach our loved one and put her on a road to recovery, which is even sweeter and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

Concerned Parents, Sharpsburg

Mike LaTella is not only a good friend but I have seen him firsthand be used by God to help many individuals in our community who are in need of assistance with recovery from addiction. He genuinely loves people and wants nothing more than to see others experience a rich, fulfilling life of freedom. He mentors others from a perspective that we are all, by God’s grace, a work in progress spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically

Chris Patton, Senior Pastor, Southside Ministries, Peachtree City

Mike is a compassionate professional who lives by example. Recently, my son was struggling with emotional issues. He started counseling sessions with Mike at LifeSwitch and within weeks he had renewed purpose and focus! The light is now back in his eyes. I am personally grateful for Mike’s expertise and professional guidance through this difficult time with my son. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their quality of life

Melissa C., Tyrone

THANK YOU Mike not only for what you’ve done for my son at LifeSwitch, but for all you do for others in our community. You have made such an impact on "Jeremy" in such a short time and you are always going the extra mile to accommodate his needs and our schedule. For the first time in a decade we see a brighter future just ahead. You are a wonderful, loving, giving person and you are saving lives.

Mary C., Fayetteville

Three months ago my husband and I were extremely frustrated and discouraged by our 17 year old sons choices and behaviors. We were feeling such overwhelming despair as our third counselor told us it was time for us to look in a different direction. We were both at such a paralyzing loss. My brother did some research and urged me to give Mike LaTella with Life Switch counseling a call. After a few days I finally called Mike and left a message. In no time at all Mike called me back and really listened to what I was saying. Mike was eager to meet our son and they immediately clicked. Our son was finally able to be truthful, open and honest with a counselor. Mike is so approachable and knowledgeable. Day or night, week or weekend, he is there for his clients. He has lived it and knows first hand how to help. Mike has been the answer to our prayers. I know our journey is far from over, but I know Mike will be beside us every step of the way.

Megan, Peachtree City

I started going to LifeSwitch for help with an alcohol problem and things were going well for me but my wife was still having issues from my past drinking. So I started bringing her to some of the sessions and things got better quickly. We still have a long road to go but we are on the right path now and the future looks bright, thanks to Mike and LifeSwitch.

Mark A., Peachtree City

We cannot say enough good things about LifeSwitch. We are grateful to have found Mike LaTella to help with our son’s drug addiction. Mike is one of those rare people one treasures. He is an amazing person who truly understands sensitive and painful family issues. He works hard to help our family and its been a wonderful experience so far! Thanks Mike!

Hopeful Parents A & D, Atlanta
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