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Non-DUI Assessments & Drug Screens


Over the years LifeSwitch has administered hundreds of assessments for reasons outside the criminal spectrum. Here are just a few of the events that would create a need for a thorough drug and alcohol evaluation:

Physician Requirement

Nuerologist Required due to need of long term pain management

Parental Suspicion

School Athletic Concern

School Environment Concern

New Employment

Employment Accident/Injury

Employment Promotion

Armed Services Special Admission

Armed Services Accident/Injury

All drug & alcohol assessments include a testing instrument(s) and a clinical interview by a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC). Which tests are used and what questions are asked in the interview can be customized to meet the specific goals of the doctor, mental health professional or public/private business entity.

Our standard assessment includes a screening for anxiety (Beck’s Anxiety Inventory or BAI), depression (Beck’s Depression Inventory–II or BDI-2), childhood trauma (Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE) and drug and alcohol use and severity (Adult Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory – 4 or SASSI-4).

Drug Screening

As part of the assessment we can add a 5-panel or 10-panel urine drug screening including additional tests for alcohol and drugs like Fentanyl and kratom. These are instant results test which have a 93% to 97% accuracy rate. When we have a non-negative reading we redo the screening at no additional charge to confirm the original result.

Schedule for Non-DUI Drug & Alcohol Assessments
SASSI-4 Assessment with Analysis (no Interview)$95
Standard Assessment anxiety, depression, ACE and SASSI-4 with clinical interview$150
Standard Assessment + expanded in-depth clinical interview$250
Follow-Up Appointment for detailed results explanation$75
Drug Screenings (urine)
5 PanelTHC - Opiate - Amphetamine - Cocaine - Methamphetamine$25
10 PanelTHC - Opiate - Amphetamine - Cocaine - Methamphetamine - Buprenorphine - Morphine - Barbiturates - Benzodiazepines - MDMA/Ecstasy - Methadone - Oxycodone - Phencyclidine$40
Cost Schedule for specific screenings
Alcohol (urine)$10
Alcohol (saliva)$6
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