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A DUI in Georgia requires the violator to get a drug and alcohol evaluation administered by a state certified evaluator whom is in active status on the state registry. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure who you use for this service is approved. It seems weekly we have someone come in or call in a frenzy because their probation officer or the court rejected their evaluation. Please take the time and confirm your provider is on the state registry. Here is the link.­/MOPAS/ProviderSearch­/SearchDUIIPProvider.aspx

Here are the instructions for completing your DUI Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

LifeSwitch guarantees your evaluation will meet the requirements of the State of Georgia.

  1. Click here to go to the registration form for the DUI Evaluation
  2. Register. Fill out the form that appears and hit "Submit."
  3. Make Your Payment. Choose either the in -office or virtual option and complete payment.
  4. Sign Online Documents. Once you have completed payment you will receive a set of online documents that can be filled out/signed electronically. Please complete these.
    1. Testing Virtual. If you are a virtual participant, you will receive three tests to take online, each via an email link. Complete each test per the instructions.
    2. Testing In-Office. If you selected the in-office option, we will reach out within one business day to schedule your office appointment. Be prepared to spend 60 to 90 minutes with us to complete your evaluation including the clinical interview.
    1. Clinical Interview Virtual. Once you have completed the testing, we will be in touch with you within one business day to schedule your zoom interview. Generally the interview takes 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. Clinical Interview In-Office. For in-office evaluations, you will conclude your visit with the interview.
  5. Evaluation Results. Within 5 to 7 business days, your results will be ready. LifeSwitch will send them to you via email and to your probation office, attorney or whomever you specify. We do offer 24 hour turnaround for an additional fee.
  6. Questions: If you have questions about your results or anything else during this process please call or email us.


  • Is LifeSwitch approved and on the state registry for administering DUI evaluations?
    Yes, but please confirm this or for any provider by going to the state registry link above
  • How long does it take to complete the evaluation?
    The testing itself takes about 30 – 40 minutes. The clinical interview usually lasts about 30 minutes. So total time is roughly 60 to 75 minutes.
  • What is the difference between taking the evaluation “in-office” and “all virtual”?
    For an “in-office” evaluation, you will come to our office in Peachtree City and take the testing on an I-pad or a computer. Testing will be followed by a face-to-face clinical interview with the counselor. “All Virtual” evaluations allow you to take the tests necessary online from your home or office. Afterwards, you will have the clinical interview conducted by the counselor via ZOOM.
  • I didn’t get a DUI but the court/probation officer told me I needed to get a drug and alcohol evaluation completed. Is this the right evaluation?
    Yes. If the requirement for the evaluation comes from the court or probation officer, you must get it completed by a counselor on the State registry just like a DUI.
  • My charges were originally for a DUI but they were dropped to reckless driving. Is this the right evaluation for me?
    Yes. If the requirement for the evaluation comes from the court or probation officer, you must get it completed by a counselor on the State registry just like a DUI.
  • I didn’t receive a DUI but was told by my probation officer that I needed to have a drug and alcohol evaluation completed due to drug/alcohol related probation violation. Is this the evaluation I need?
    Yes. If the requirement for the evaluation comes from the court or probation officer, you must get it completed by a counselor on the State registry just like a DUI.
  • I received a DUI in another state. Do I need to get this evaluation completed?
    It depends. If the court in the other state requires you to get a drug and alcohol evaluation then you should have it administered by a Georgia State Certified evaluator.
  • I signed up online through the link provided and I have not received the documents I am supposed to sign electronically. Did I get lost in your system?
    Very unlikely. Did you successfully make your payment for the evaluation? You will not get the paperwork to sign until we have received payment. Has it been over 24 business hours since you signed up? We usually will get you the documents to sign within a few hours of your registration. Weekends and evenings will take a little longer. If it has been 24 hours since you registered and paid, please call our office and we will figure it out.
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